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Meet the Governors


Welcome to the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees


The board of Directors of Norbridge Academy Trust is made up of seven Directors who meet three times a year to review and develop the school's strategic and financial direction.


Norbridge Academy Trust Board of Directors


 Kayley Dougill

(Chair of the Board of Directors)

Lisa Williams

Craig Smith

Dayle Green

Camilla Attwood

Lucy Kingston

Vicky Cook



The board of Trustees of Norbridge Academy Trust is made up of seven trustees who meet three times per year as a main body of Trustees.  There are then three sub-committees which meet three times per year and feed back to the main body of Trustees.


Norbridge Academy Board of Trustees


George Huthart (Headteacher)


Co-opted Trustee


Kayley Dougill (Chair of the Trust from 01/09/2017)


Mrs Sarah Hilton



Parent Trustee

Lisa Williams (Vice Chair)


Joanna Marsden



Staff Trustee

Camilla Mercer


Karen Parkinson



Associate Member

Lynne North



Register of Business Interests

Directors and members have a legal duty to act only in the interests of the academy.  Where a situation arises in which they cannot do this due to a personal interest they have, steps should be taken to identify, prevent and record the conflict.  This ensures that directors/trustees are acting only in the best interest of the academy.  Directors/trustees complete a Declaration of Business Interests on an annual basis.  The declaration confirms that each director/trustee confirms that they have read the notes of guidance and are aware of the requirements of the Department of Education Academy Handbook.  Directors/trustees are asked if the have connections/membership/shares in companies etc as explained in the notes of guidance, which have a direct business interest in the academy.  Directors/trustees are also asked if they have any other business interests as explained in the note of guidance.  In every case directors/trustees supplied a response of "no", with the exception of,

Lynne North - family member employed by the trust

Kayley Dougill - family member employed by the trust