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PE & Sports Premium Grant 2017/18

At Norbridge we received an annual grant of £19,600 through the PE and Grant for primary schools. We use this sports grant to deliver an engaging, challenging and high quality PE curriculum to all children.


During 2017/2018, £2869 of the grant is put towards employing a qualified full time Sports Coach to deliver PE to children from F1 to Y6. Our sports coach also runs a variety of after school clubs including boys’ and girls’ football, cricket, athletics and multi-skills. As part of these clubs, he trains teams to participate in local and district tournaments, such as football leagues, the Bassetlaw Sports Hall Athletics competitions and the Nottinghamshire Schools’ cricket tournament.


Furthermore, we have used £7410 of the funding to employ a gymnastics coach who works one day per week and teaches FS2-Y2 children. Throughout gymnastic session, children learn a variety of techniques to help improve their balancing, posture and flexibility. Our gymnastics coach also teaches an after school club for children aged Y3-Y6.


As well as employing a gymnastics coach, we have also used £2550 of the funding to purchase a range of new gymnastics apparatus. Throughout the Autumn Term, we have purchased new gymnastics mats as well as new gymnastics apparatus such as a new springboard and a pommel horse.


We have also used £745 of the grant to take part in the Nottinghamshire School Games Package. This provides children between Y1-Y6 to take part in a range of sporting competitions and events such as athletics, handball, dodgeball, cricket, pop-lacrosse, basketball and a dance competition.


As well as this, £525.42 of the grant has been used to obtain matching embroidered ‘Norbridge Academy’ jumpers and printed sports t-shirts. These will be used throughout all sporting events to show other competitors that our children are representing Norbridge Academy.


In addition, we used £5000 of the grant towards employing a highly qualified karate teacher who teaches Y1-Y6 children Wado Ryu karate. Our karate teacher also runs a group called Norbridge Ninjas, an additional lesson for children identified as gifted and talented in karate. Pupil premium funds are used to ensure this after school club is accessible to all who wish to attend.


Finally, a further £500 has been spent on various certificates and medals to use as rewards to give to the children for taking part in different sports. Throughout the year, these rewards will mainly be used throughout gymnastic lessons and events however, they will also be used for a range of other sporting events such as running and athletics events.

The impact of the way we use the sports grant is that all children at Norbridge Academy benefit from high quality, timetabled provision from PE and sport experts. In addition to a PE session, a weekly karate lesson is enabling children to build confidence, self-discipline and resilience. During the third year of karate provision, there are already children who have obtained their green, blue purple and brown belts.

Having a dedicated Sports Coach means that children are learning PE through a skills-based curriculum, which means that children gain new skills each year and are taught the basics early on. Our PE and karate teachers are passionate about their subjects, so children gain enthusiasm and positivity towards physical exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This, in turn has a positive effect on self-esteem and wellbeing of all children.


Through the use of matching sports jumpers and t-shirts for children to wear throughout sporting events, we aim to promote a sense of unity and highlights the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. This should in turn, have a further positive effect on the self-esteem of children throughout the school.


In terms of swimming, children in Y3-Y6 receive swimming lessons throughout half of the school term. Of the children currently working in Y6, 29 of the 32 children are able to swim confidently and proficiently over a distance of 25. Of these children, 26 of them are able to use a range of strokes effectively. Furthermore, 26 of the 32 children are able to demonstrate a range of safe self-rescues in different water situations if necessary.