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Student Council


Each class from Years 1 to 6 have chosen two children to represent their class by becoming Student Councillors. They attend student council meetings each week to discuss topics that are of a current issue in school.


As part our year of 'The Team Works', the Student Council are working together to make our school the best it can be. They are also working together with their class 'Investors In Pupils' representatives to help develop different aspects of school life.


Student Councillors prepared speeches to give to their classes at the beginning of the year. Each child then voted for who they felt would best represent their class.


Meet our Student Councillors below:

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) came about in recognition of the importance of children's basic needs. Our Student Council supports this and gives all children in our school the right to:


Article 12: The Child's Opinion:

The child has the right to express an opinion and to have that opinion taken into account, in any matter or procedure affecting the child, in accordance with his or her age and maturity'.


Article 13: Freedom of Expression:

'The child has the right to obtain and make known information, and to express his or her own views, unless this would violate the rights of others'.

'UNCRC, 1989'

Investors in Pupils


This year, the Student Councillors are working together to gain the reaccreditation of 'Investors in Pupils' award.


Investors in Pupils is a central point of our practice at Norbridge Academy: it helps pupils to develop behaviour for learning and to understand the importance of aspects of school but also to provide the pupils with ownership of things which happen in school.


What is it?

Investors in Pupils is a charter mark which nationally recognises the efforts and contributions made by school.

It empowers the pupils, increases the motivation and helps to increase attainment and progress.


Investors in Pupils at Norbridge Academy:

  • Pupils begin to understand how schools work.
  • Pupils will become involved with their own education.
  • Pupils will begin to take responsibility for all aspects of their school life.
  • All supporting adults are involved in the process.
  • 'Investors in Pupils' builds on best practice which already exists in schools.
  • Additionally, 'Investors in Pupils' provides evidence for Every Child Matters and Ofsted requirements.


What do we do at Norbridge Academy?

1) Each class has a mission statement to say what they want their class to be like.

2) Each class has a handbook which helps to introduce and welcome the new pupils/staff to school.

3) Each class has a class target.

4) Each child has individual targets.

5) Attendance targets and rewards.

6) 'Investors in Pupils' Reps and Student Council to help share pupil voice.

7) Weekly 'Investors in Pupils' meetings.