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Visions and Values - Our Mission Statement

Our school mission statement is central to everything we do.  All members of our school community support our core aim, which is, " Be The Best You Can Be." This is more than a mission statement; it is a belief system.  It permeates all things that we do.  We also have 4 broad aims that we believe are instrumental in developing and nurturing all members of our school community.


 We aim to develop individual talents by...

  • Recognising and celebrating everyone's achievements
  • Personalising the curriculum to provide learning opportunities for everyone
  • Encouraging independent learning


We aim to nurture respect for ourselves and others by..

  • Valuing each person and the individual skills they bring
  • Respecting all faiths, beliefs and opinions
  • Promoting social responsibility in our community


We aim to provide an enriched learning experience by..

  • Offering hands on learning experiences to enthuse and engage
  • Provide a broad, challenging, creative skills based curriculum
  • Creating a stimulating learning environment with high quality resources


We aim to be a school for the future by..

  • Being open and receptive to new ideas and concepts
  • Enabling children to learn and develop life skills
  • Providing opportunities for the involvement of the outside community.