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My name is George Huthart and I have been headteacher at Norbridge Academy for 8 years.  Welcome to our website and I hope you enjoy finding out about our school. 

In December 2013 the Government produced the school league tables.  We were congratulated by David Laws MP for being in the top 250 schools in the country for the progress our learners make from Key Stage One to the end of Key Stage 2.  In fact, our position within the top 250 schools was joint 34th.  We are very proud of this and we continue to ensure our mission statement is evident in everything we do; we simply expect our school community to “Be The Best You Can Be”


In December 2014 our school was in the top 200 schools in terms of academic achievement and we are very proud of this.  Our performance was recognised recently when we were inspected by Ofsted.  Inspectors judged our school to be outstanding in all areas.  We are delighted to see the hard work and dedication of all members of our school community get the recognition they deserve.


In Spring 2015 we were recognised for the progress our Pupil Premium children make in our school.  We attended a ceremony in London and we were awarded £50,000 and named as the winners of the East Midlands region in the Pupil Premium Awards.  In Spring 2016 we were winners of the East Midlands region for the Pupil Premium Awards for the second time.  We continue to ensure all of our children reach their full potential and we were delighted to see their efforts rewarded.

During their time at Norbridge Academy, the children are given the opportunity to study a range of subjects which include Literacy, Numeracy, and ICT. Foundation subjects such as History and Geography are delivered in a theme based creative curriculum that includes music tuition and wado ryu karate.  Our pupils take part in camping trips and visits to France.  We have The Sidings Café, which is run by children for the local community. The cafe teaches the children about developing and managing a business and enables them to gain valuable life skills.  Our Curriculum is rich and exciting and is certainly well received by the children who study it.

The highly motivated staff at Norbridge Academy provide a stimulating and attractive learning environment, where children are encouraged to develop in all areas of the curriculum and school life.  We have a moral code that is made up of core values that we subscribe to, these values are; honesty, reliability, courage, determination, humility and kindness.  These values ensure we are preparing our pupils to be hard-working citizens that contribute to their community.

The school league tables over the past five years demonstrate that Norbridge Academy delivers an excellent education to our students during their time with us. We strive to strengthen community links and we pride ourselves on the overwhelming support we have from our families. We know that through these partnerships we will ensure that everyone is committed to our drive towards excellence.

I hope you have found this information useful and please enjoy looking at our website.  If you would like to visit us please contact the school office and I would be delighted to show you around our school.
George Huthart