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Annual Attendance
  • F1 Cygnet Class AM 88.5%
  • F1 Cygnet Class PM 88.5%
  • F2 Flamingo Class 91.4%
  • F2 Starling Class 89.8%
  • Y1 Robin Class 91.8%
  • Y1 Wren Class 95.4%
  • Y2 Owl Class 91.5%
  • Y2 Woodpecker Class 92.8%
  • Y3 Hummingbird Class 95.8%
  • Y3 Merlin Class 96.5%
  • Y4 Peacock Class 96.3%
  • Y4 Raven Class 96.9%
  • Y5 Macaw Class 94.7%
  • Y5 Penguin Class 96.4%
  • Y6 Kestrel Class 96.1%
  • Y6 Kingfisher Class 94.2%
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Educational Visits

On Monday 13th January, Year 5 participated in a Viking day at Perlethorpe. They met Magnus, a Viking warrior, who showed them his longhouse and the different artefacts from his era. They understood what it was like to go to battle, before making Viking jewellery and playing games with Viking shields. In the afternoon, they enjoyed den-building activities. They really enjoyed learning about Viking life and have lots of knowledge to bring back to their history lessons. 
On Monday 11th November, Year 5 visited Brackenhurst Education Centre to support their learning in their geography topic. They started the day by creating their own wind turbines to generate electricity. They talked about how the different sized blades can affect the speed and how the angle of the blades can have an impact too. After lunch, they went orienteering and used a map to find different fruits. They discussed what food miles are and how shopping locally can be more sustainable. To finish their afternoon, they planted their own beans, made their own biodegradable plant pots and talked about landfill and why recylcing is important. They had a brilliant day learning about how to be more sustainable.
Year 6 Visit - The Holocaust Centre
On Wednesday 16th October, Year 6 went to visit the Holocaust Centre in Newark. Children learnt about why people make journeys to different places and they looked at the different belongings from children during World War II.
Year 1 Visit - Sherwood Forest 2019
On Friday 4th October, Year 1 went on a visit to Sherwood Forest. They had a guided tour with Robin Hood and he shared his weapons and armour with us. We went to look at the Major Oak and we completed a nature trail to identify different colours in the environment.
KS2 Residential - France 2019
On Monday 9th September, a group of KS2 children and staff set off on their big adventure to France. They spent the week exploring the local area and sampling lots of tasty French food. Their jam-packed itinerary included: visits to the beach, a French bakery, a goat's cheese farm and a World War 1 memorial. The children had a fantastic week absorbing French language, culture and history.

Year 3 Visit - Creswell Crags 2019

On Monday 3rd June, Year 3 visited Creswell Crags, a place that is riddled with naturally formed caves that were once home to Ice Age animals, Neanderthals and humans. The site includes thousands of artefacts and fossilized bones and the only Ice Age rock art in Britain. Every object tells a tale of deep history and illustrates the fascinating story of how we lived in what was once the extreme northern frontier of the known world. The children participated in a workshop all about Survival Skills. They found out how they could find food out in the wilds, create a campsite and start a fire. They then got to have a go at making our own campsite and shelter using animal skin, rope and sticks. 


The children had a cave tour in the Robin Hood Cave which is the largest cave of Creswell Crags. It was so exciting to walk through history as they set foot inside the home of ancient people and ferocious beasts. They got to see the sights they would have seen and the tools they made and used. They were even brave enough to go into the darkest depths of the cave and turn our head torches off. Overall they had a fantastic day and they learnt so much about the Stone Age.

Year 5 Visit - Magna 2019
On Monday 18th March, Year 5 went on an educational visit to Magna Science Museum in Rotherham. They enjoyed exploring the four main areas: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. They participated in two workshops. The first, 'Rockets and Balloons', saw the children learning about the different forces and how chemical reactions occur. They then spent some of the afternoon learning about different stars and planets. 
Year 5 Visit - The National Space Centre 2019
On Monday 4th March, Year 5 went on an educational visit to the National Space Centre. They enjoyed exploring the different areas and learning about significant space missions throughout history. The children visited the planetarium and enjoyed learning about the life of an astronaut and their time in space.

Year 3 Visit - The Harley Gallery 2019

On Friday 08th March, Year 3 visited The Harley Gallery to create a pot inspired by Ancient Greece. The children made a pinch that joined onto a pre-made pot. Children then added handles and details onto their new creation. They then had to sketch a design they could add onto the pot. Finally, children painted slip onto the pot and recreated their design by scratching the slip.
Year 6 - Visit Kingswood 2019
From Sunday 3rd February to Friday 8th February, children from Bluejay and Goldfinch Class spent a week at Kingswood. They all had an amazing time and faced lots of personal challenges. They took part in a huge range of activities and they were led by an enthusiastic and inspiring group of instructors who taught the children new skills. The focus of the week was 'resilience' and the children demonstrated this successfully. They grew in confidence and matured throughout their time at Kingswood. It really was a week of 'Being The Best You Can Be'.

KS2 Visit - The National Video Game Museum 2019

On Tuesday 22nd January, the children who take part in Venture Experts Coding went on a school trip to the National Video Game Museum. They got to discover the past, present and future of play in a brand new, interactive museum.
KS2 Visit - Young Voices 2019
On Tuesday 9th January, Young Voice club went to Sheffield arena to perform in the annual Young Voices Concert 2019. The children performed a variety of songs and dances including; a Moana mash-up, a medley from The Greatest Showman and a pop medley. The children sang their hearts out and the parents that came to watch the concert were very impressed. We cannot wait until next year.

FS2 Drama Group - 2018

On Friday 14th December, children in Foundation Stage 2 were treated to a performance of Aladdin by The Little Drama Group.This helped to consolidate their learning around traditional stories and story-telling skills. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the performance and it was a fantastic end of term treat.
Year 6 Visit - Eden Camp 2018
On Wednesday 12th December, Year 6 went on a trip to Eden Camp. This trip was linked to their topic for this term; World War 2. The children were given the opportunity to explore a number of different huts filled with interesting historical artifacts from throughout the second world war. The children also watched a puppet show which was a popular type of entertainment during the war. Additionally, the children learnt and sang some songs from the wartime era.

Year 3 Visit - Warner Bros Studios 2018

On Monday 10th December, Year 3 went on a trip to Warner Bros Studios: The Making of Harry Potter as their English topic linked to the first story of the series. The children got the opportunity to explore the real sets, props and costumes that were used to make the films. They walked through the Great Hall, explored the Gryffindor common room, saw Dumbledore's office and even found out how the filmmakers achieved different special effects in the films.
On Monday 12th November, Heron and Kingfisher class went on a school trip to our local supermarket, Tesco. The main aim of the trip was to find and collect ingredients to make their very on biscuits through a shopping experience. The children had a tour around Tesco bakery where they learned all about the different breads, ingredients, methods, tools and roles within the baking process. They even got to wear a baker's hat!

Year 4 Visit - Magna 2018

On Wednesday 7th November, Year 4 visited Magna in Sheffield as part of their 'Extreme Earth' and 'States of Matter' topics. They learnt about Earth, wind, fire and water and took part in lots of hands-on experiences. They recapped the properties of solids, liquids and gases and took part in some 'awe and wonder' experiments, including making paint, using egg yolk as a catalyst and exploding a rocket.

Year 5 & 6 Quick Stix Hockey Festival - 2018

On Monday 8th October, eight children from Year 5 and 6 travelled to Mansfield to take part in a Quick Stix hockey tournament. The children began their evening by taking part in a range of different activities designed to practice and improve their hockey skills. Once they had done this, the children then split into teams so that they could play numerous matches against other schools. All of the children did extremely well throughout the practices and their matches.
Year 5 & 6 Cross Country - Ranby House 2018
On Friday 26th September, 12 children from Year 5 and 6 took part in a cross country event at Ranby House. The children had to run a 1 mile course through different terrain. All of the children completed the course successfully and were fantastic representatives for Norbridge Academy.
On Sunday 23rd September, 22 children from Year 5 departed to Hathersage for a three-night residential. The children participated in range of activities including a night walk where they found Little John's cave, a five-mile hike to Stanage Edge, orienteering and stream studies. The children showed resilience, independence and they continued to be the best they could be. A fantastic trip was had by all!
On Friday 24th November, Year 2 ventured to Perlethorpe and spent the day learning all about Victorian life. Throughout the morning, they explored the Victorian church and closely looked at the gargoyles and grotesques, before taking a steady stroll in the Autumn sunshine to Thoresby Hall. During the afternoon, they all had the opportunity to dress up in traditional Victorian clothing and they met the strict teacher, Mr Ryder. They practiced reading and writing in the Victorian classroom, before playing Victorian games such as skipping and marbles. Take a look at our pictures from the day above.
On Monday 13th November, both Year 2 classes went on a trip to Hodsock Priory to delve deeper into their local history. Whilst there, they had a tour of the historical house and created replicas of the portraits hanging in the drawing room. The children explored the buildings from the outside and drew what they could see and walked around the grounds and gardens before completing some outdoor activities.
Year 6 Visit - Eden Camp 2017

On Monday 06th November, Bluejay Class got to experience the history of WWII when they visited Eden Camp. They made their way around twenty-four huts which were packed full of interesting facts and information about the different topics of war. The children were mesmerised by the Blitz Hut as they got the chance to experience the sights and smells of WWII. Fun was had by all children that visited this incredible museum.

Whilst there, the children also took part in the 'Remembrance Rocks' event. Firstly, the class chose rocks from school and added a poppy design. Then, at Eden Camp, the children took a moment to pay their respects and lay their rocks at the memorial to remember the sacrifices made by all members of HM Forces, past and present.

Year 3 & 4 Handball Festival - Retford 2017
On Friday 20th October, a group of 12 children from Year 3 and 4 travelled to Retford to take part in the Handball Festival. In the morning, the children learned the basic skills and in the afternoon, they were able to practice these when they played against other schools.
FS2 Visit - Build a Bear Meadowhall 2017

On Wednesday 18th October, Kingfisher Class went on their trip to Meadowhall to build their class mascot at Build a Bear. The children chose a cat and named it Kitty Bat Cat.

On Friday 20th October, Puffin Class visited Build a Bear and made their class mascot, a dog which they called Bob.

All of the children had a great time and are looking forward to the time when it will be their chance to spend the weekend with the mascots.

On Tuesday 17th October, Norbridge Art and Norbridge STEM collaborated on their visit to the Harley Gallery. It was here the children explored the inspiring 3D structures and designs by the innovative artist: Michael Brennand-Wood. The children also participated in a workshop where they created their own 3D structures using a range of natural and man-made materials. Finally, they headed to the Portland Collection where they completed an investigative trail. A creative day was had by all.
Year 5 Residential - Hathersage 2017
On Sunday 17th September, twenty four children from Swallow Class embarked on their residential to Hathersage. The children spent their three-day trip exploring the natural beauty of the countryside and taking part in lots of outdoor activities. They got the chance to practice their map reading skills when they hiked up Stanage Edge and tried their hand at crayfishing and orienteering. 
KS2 Residential - France 2017
On Monday 11th September, a group of KS2 children and staff set off on their big adventure to France. They spent the week exploring the local area and sampling lots of tasty French food. Their jam-packed itinerary included: visits to the beach, a French bakery, a goat's cheese farm and a World War 1 memorial. The children had a fantastic week absorbing French language, culture and history.
Year 2 Visit - The Deep 2017
To learn more about the 'Ice' part of Year 2's 'Fire and Ice' topic, Hazelnut Class and Redwood Class visited 'The Deep' in Hull. The children were able to see lots of different types of fish and sea creatures and there was plenty of opportunities to explore. The children took part in a workshop to learn all about the Arctic and the Antarctic, including the creatures that live there. To complete the day, the children had the opportunity to meet some real penguins!

Hazelnut Class Visit - The Harley Gallery 2017

Throughout Spring Term 2, children from Hazelnut Class will be taking part in an exciting partnership project with the Harley Gallery. To introduce the project, the children visited the gallery to look carefully at the Lego exhibition by Warren Elsmore. They focused on looking at the details included in the models of famous architecture from around the World, before photographing the Harley Gallery building and completing observational drawings. The children are very excited to complete their next session of the project.

Year 3 Visit - Creswell Crags 2017

On Friday 10th March, Year 3 went on a trip to Creswell Crags. As they arrived, they were met by three of the tour guides and split into three groups. One of the activities included a cave tour, where the children wore helmets with torches and were taken into Robin Hood's cave to explore and feel different stone tools that would have been used in the cave.

Another activity was art based, where the children were allowed to use clay, paint and charcoal to create a range of cave art. Finally. the children demonstrated their survival skills, where they were given the chance to throw a wood and flint spear, fire an arrow and create a den out of sticks and animal furs. The trip really gave the children the opportunity to step back in time.

Year 6 Residential - Kingswood 2017

On Sunday 29th January, Year 6 packed their bags and set off on their residential visit to Peak Venture Centre, Kingswood in Penistone. The week was jam-packed and adventurous and certainly did not disappoint.

The children took part in activities which challenged their minds, challenged their bodies and helped them face and conquer their fears. Activities ranged from Archery and Laser-Tag to the 3G Swing and Abseiling and much more. By far, the best activity, as voted for by the children, was the 3G Swing and one which will be remembered for a long time.

Overall, the children had an amazing time and should be proud of their achievements and and accomplishments from the week.


Visit the school's Flickr account below to view photos from the residential:

'On the Farm' was the topic for children in FS2 during Spring Term 1. The children had already learnt about the different types of farms and all the things that we get from farms, as well as how the machines to farm have changed over time. To support with their learning, the children visited Aston Springs Farm, where they got to stroke and feed sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits and guinea-pigs. They even got to see and feed some meerkats!

KS2 Young Voices Concert - January 2017

On Tuesday 10th January, almost 50 children from Key Stage 2 took part in the Young Voice concerts at the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield. The children sang and danced to a variety of songs as well as accompanying other performers.

The children had a fantastic time and are already excited about going next year!

Year 1 Visit - White Post Farm 2017

On Monday 09th January, both Year 1 classes went on a wonderful adventure to White Post Farm. Their day began with a tour of the farm. They saw so many animals and were told information about each one. The guide gave the children some food and showed them how to hold their hands flat to feed the lamas.

In the afternoon, the children visited the small animal centre to see baby chicks hatching. The children listened carefully about how to look after small animals, before moving into a giant barn where there were lots of different animals, including goats and guinea pigs.

Before returning back to the school, both classes had the opportunity to visit the reptile centre, where the children held and stroked an enormous corn snake.

KS2 Church Visits - December 2016
Throughout the WB 05th December, classes from Key Stage 2 visited St John's church in Worksop to learn more about Christmas. The children were treated to a play, made a Christmas angel and a sliding nativity scene. As well as this, the children enjoyed singing along to a selection of Christmas songs.
Year 3 Visit - The Tropical Butterfly House 2016
On Friday 02nd December, children from Year 3 visited the Tropical Butterfly House in Anston. During the trip, the children had the chance to learn about different animals, with some brave children even holding a snake, tortoise, owl and cockroach!
Year 2 Visit - The National Space Centre 2016

On Thursday 01st December, both Year 2 classes blasted off for an out of this world day at the National Space Centre.

The children had chance to explore many interactive exhibits, including driving a moon buggy and taking samples of different types of rocks. The children spent time in a role play area, where they had to act the part of ground control, giving instructions to astronauts in outer space.

Feeling a little apprehensive, the children headed down a dark tunnel into the planetarium to watch an incredibly exciting show. All of the children had a fabulous time and the topic of 'Space' was really brought to life.


Visit the school's Flickr account below to view photos from the visit:

Year 6 Visit - Eden Camp 2016
On Wednesday 16th November, Year 6 went to Eden Camp in Malton, as part of their World War II topic. The children were able to experience the different aspects of the war in the museum, such as the U-Boat, Blitz Street and other daily life activities. They also watched a puppet show where they sang wartime songs. Before the journey home, the children enjoyed playing on the army themed adventure playground.
Year 5 & 6 Fun Run - Sherwood Pines 2016

On Wednesday 02nd November, children from Year 5 and 6 attended a very special event at Sherwood Pines - Go Run For Fun. Hundreds of children from schools all over Bassetlaw took part in a 2km fun run, wearing bring pink t-shirts and colourful shoelaces. It was a well marked course on trails through Sherwood Forest, which looked especially beautiful in the autumn sunshine.

After a picnic lunch, the children split into teams to complete an orienteering challenge after which there was just time for some fun and game on the adventure playground. Both classes raised money for their chosen class charities as part of the event.

On Friday 07th October, Year 4 enjoyed a trip to Flamingo Land. When they arrived at the zoo, the children took part in a animal workshop, where they held a snake and a hedgehog. Following this, they had the opportunity to see many animals including giraffes, tigers and rhinos. During the trip, they also watched a show from two sea lions, Miguel and Claude.

On Monday 19th September, 26 children from Key Stage 2 packed their bags and set off for the France residential. During the week, the children sampled the French culture by visiting a boulangerie to make croissants, testing their sweet making skills at a local sweet factory, tasting French food and eating out at a creperie.

They also visited the town of Arras, Wellington Quarry and Vimy Ridge, which all related to World War II. The children also went to a local goat farm and enjoyed their disco and games sessions on the beach.

Year 5 Residential - Hathersage 2016

On Monday 12th September, Acer Class went on their first residential to Hathersage. Whilst on the trip, the children took part in numerous activities involving a night walk, orienteering, pond dipping and hiking.

In order to get to Hathersage, the class first had to board two trains. Even though the first train was very busy, all of the children behaved sensibly and were polite and considerate to other passengers.

Once they arrived at Hathersage and walked from the train station to St Michael's Education Centre, the children had to unpack and make their beds, a task task that some found more difficult than others.

There were many highlights to the residential, one of which was the hike to Stanage Edge. Despite the hot weather (and lack of sleep) all children showed an incredible level of determination and simply got on with the task at hand.

What a fantastic start to Year 5!

This Is Us
Annual Attendance
  • F1 Cygnet Class AM 88.5%
  • F1 Cygnet Class PM 88.5%
  • F2 Flamingo Class 91.4%
  • F2 Starling Class 89.8%
  • Y1 Robin Class 91.8%
  • Y1 Wren Class 95.4%
  • Y2 Owl Class 91.5%
  • Y2 Woodpecker Class 92.8%
  • Y3 Hummingbird Class 95.8%
  • Y3 Merlin Class 96.5%
  • Y4 Peacock Class 96.3%
  • Y4 Raven Class 96.9%
  • Y5 Macaw Class 94.7%
  • Y5 Penguin Class 96.4%
  • Y6 Kestrel Class 96.1%
  • Y6 Kingfisher Class 94.2%

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  • George Huthart
  • Rebecca Jackson
  • Lynne North
  • Sally Townsend
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