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Annual Attendance
  • F1 Cygnet Class AM 88.5%
  • F1 Cygnet Class PM 88.5%
  • F2 Flamingo Class 91.4%
  • F2 Starling Class 89.8%
  • Y1 Robin Class 91.8%
  • Y1 Wren Class 95.4%
  • Y2 Owl Class 91.5%
  • Y2 Woodpecker Class 92.8%
  • Y3 Hummingbird Class 95.8%
  • Y3 Merlin Class 96.5%
  • Y4 Peacock Class 96.3%
  • Y4 Raven Class 96.9%
  • Y5 Macaw Class 94.7%
  • Y5 Penguin Class 96.4%
  • Y6 Kestrel Class 96.1%
  • Y6 Kingfisher Class 94.2%
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Y6 Goldfinch Class

A message from Miss Smith and a few children in Goldfinch Class.

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Goldfinch Class is a group of 30 Year 6 children, who are enthusiastic about sharing their learning with the world.  They are taught by Miss Smith and Mrs Pressley.


To find out more about what we are learning about in class, visit our class twitter page: and our class blog:


Key Dates:

Monday 30th March - Easter Disco

Wednesday 1st April - Break up for Easter (Last Day)

Thursday 2nd April - Inset Day

Friday 3rd April - Inset Day

Friday 8th May - Bank Holiday

Monday 11th May - Thursday 14th May - SATs week


P.E / Swimming: Children have a weekly P.E session with Mr Scott on a Friday afternoon, please ensure your child has their kit in school. 


Swimming will begin on Thursday 5th March.  Please ensure children have their swimming kit on this day.  All goggle consent forms need returning before the first session.


Karate: Children will have a weekly Karate session with Sensei Slaney on a Friday afternoon.


Social Media: In the notes section of your child's reading diary, you will find the login details for the class blog.


Book Bags: Your child will be provided with a reading diary and a library book. Please ensure your child brings them to school every day.

Diaries will be checked and signed weekly and children will have the opportunity to change their library book each week.

Don't forget to record any reading that your child does at home as this will help them to earn stickers on our reading chart.


Homework: Homework will be sent home weekly, this will include a list of spellings and a focus times table.  Children will be tested on these the following week.


Water Bottles: Please bring fresh drinking water to school every day.


SMSC - Social Media and Well-being

This afternoon we have been discussing the positives and negatives of social media.  We have looked at why social media is great for sharing photos and news with family and friends. However, we discussed that what people post on social media is not always a true portrayal of life.  We talked about having a good balance of online and offline activities as part of our lifestyle and shared some of our chosen activities by drawing a picture and through a group discussion.

SMSC - Healthy Living and Lifestyles

Today we have been discussing the word 'diet' and what it means to us.  Some said it was just the food that we eat in a day, whilst others thought it was when you would like to lose weight.  After a group discussion we now have a good understanding that the word 'diet' is about having a well balanced diet, that consists of the five different food groups. We then planned a meal of our choice that we thought was a 'well-balanced' meal.

Science - Evolution and Inheritance

Understand how genetic inheritance works.

Today in science we have been learning about genetic inheritance by thinking about what characteristics we have inherited from our parents.  We have compared the difference between 'inherited' and 'achieved' characteristics using pictures. Finally, using this knowledge, we showed how a dog inherits its variation of characteristics from its parents.


Using skills and techniques learnt in our previous art lesson, when sketching feathers, we sketched birds this week. We discussed how it is important to include intricate details and discussed the different shading techniques we can use.

English - Recount an Event

In English we have focused on the book ‘Survivors’ by David Long. In groups, we orally retold a story from the book using pictures as prompts, we then gave each other feedback. Using this, we then wrote our own recounts using key terminology and interesting vocabulary.

Take a look on our class blog to read our writing: 

Attendance Winners!


Year 6 attended a five night residential at Kingswood, Peak Venture. During the week, the children took part in a range of different exciting activities, where they set themselves challenges and conquered fears. 

Then activities the children took part in, included: the zip wire, 3G swing, leap of faith, bouldering, fencing, shelter building and many more.

Science - The Circulatory System

This week in Science we discussed the different systems within our bodies which help to keep our bodies moving and healthy.  We recapped the skeletal, muscular and digestive systems and shared our ideas and knowledge as a class. We then created our own 'lift and flap' diagram with information about each part of the circulatory system.  The diagram included the backbone, the lungs, the heart, the rib cage, the muscles and the skin.  We finally labelled the diagram using keywords from our new knowledge.  

Art - Feathers

The lesson objective today was to observe details previously overlooked.  We looked at a range of different images of feathers and how the the detail had been created by using different techniques and mediums.  We then began to sketch our own feathers using these skills.

Spring Term – Australia!


Our Spring Term topic is Australia. 

Geography: During History we will be looking at where Australia is on a map, comparing its climate and landscape with the UK and also looking at the animals found in different landscapes.


History: In History we will be looking at the history of the tribes found in Australia, the British Empire and the impact it has had on life today.


The Arts: We will be looking at how colour can be use different mediums and understand the history behind Wartime crafts.


Science: Our Science topics this term are Animals including Humans and Evolution. We will be looking at the main parts of the human circulatory system and be able to describe the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood.  We will also be learning about how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment.


Computing: This term we will be learning about and completing projects relating to computer science and digital literacy.


Music: During this term, we will be learning how to play a range of instruments as part of a class band.


French: During the year we will continue to have weekly French sessions with Madame Walsh, focusing on language to describe objects in the classroom.


PE: This term in PE we will be taking part in Lacrosse, Tennis and Karate sessions.

DARE Graduation

This week the children in Year 6 took part in their DARE Graduation. They performed an amazing production of sketches, chants and songs about all the things they had learnt during their lessons.  You all did amazing, well done!

English - The Polar Express

The children have enjoyed reading our class book: The Polar Express. They have explored different writing techniques and have learnt how to use descriptive language for effect.  We have studied the emotions within the story, looking at empathy towards the characters and describing the settings.   

Science - Refraction of Light

This week during science, we have been investigating what refraction is and how it happens.  We carried out two experiments called 'Amazing Arrows' and 'Incredible Images'. First we wrote down our predictions, then we carried out the experiment and finally we recorded our observations.  Take a look at our reports on our class blog:

Partake Visit - World War 2 Day

On Monday 11th November, Year 6 took part in a very exciting day learning all about life during WW2 in Great Britain.  Throughout the day, the children got to look at various interesting artefacts from the war, they learnt wartime dances including the 'Jitterbug’, they looked at media from that time period and finally the children experienced what it would have been like during an air raid.  What an amazing day!


This week during our music lesson, we used our musical skills to write our own piece of music to play on the djembe. 

English - The Water Tower

This week in English, we read a new book called ‘The Water Tower’.  We learnt about the different types of questions that we might ask when looking at pictures and texts. The children thought about inference style questions and retrieval style questions and used these methods to make predictions about the story. 


DARE - Life Skills Education

The children in Goldfinch Class have been taking part in weekly DARE lessons, which are led by Mr Clarke.  So far they have covered the following areas: DARE Rules, Alcohol - Facts and Health Effects, Drugs - which can be smoked and the Consequences of Risky Behaviours. They are looking forward to learn more in future sessions.

Blogathon - 10.10.19

On Thursday, the children took part in their first Year 6 Blogathon!  The children took part in a range of activities during the day, including: pumpkin carving, a crime scene investigation, slime making and story writing.  After each activity the children returned to their ipads and wrote a blog post using various writing structures and language. 

After school the fun began! The children took part in spooky sports, baking, karaoke, dancing, hide and seek, sharing stories around a fire pit (including marshmallows and hot chocolate) and then the 'midnight mile'.  Finally, it was time for a film and bed. 

The next day, we had some very tired children but they had made lots of amazing memories with their friends!

Art - Exploring different mark making techniques

This week during our art lesson, we experimented with a range of mark making techniques.  We used a selection of graded pencils, charcoal, graphite, biro pens, pastels and ink pens.  We also used a range of different mediums to achieve variations in line, texture, tone, colour, shape and pattern.  Finally, we shared our work with each other, talking about the different techniques we used.

RE - Learning about the Jewish Passover

This week we have been looking at the reasons why the Jewish people began to celebrate 'Passover'.  We looked at a 'Seder Plate' and what this means for the Jewish people.  After our discussions, we then tasted some of the different foods the Jewish people would have on a Seder plate.

Introducing the House Captains for Goldfinch Class

 Special Mentions 

Two members of Goldfinch Class were awarded a Special Mentions certificate for their amazing work and for having a fantastic start to Year 6.


This week we have been using our artistic skills to create some work for our World War 2 display.  We have been sketching, with pencils and oil pastels, pictures of Spitfires and Lancaster Bombers.

Maths - Short Multiplication

This week in our Maths lessons we have been learning how to multiply four digit numbers by two digit numbers.  We have been looking at different methods to support our knowledge.

English - Drama

This week, we read through chapter two from the book 'Letters from the Lighthouse', then in groups we thought about the scene where the character Olive, found herself in hospital after being injured during an attack in the midst of World War 2.  She was then re-united with her mum but was still deeply saddened and concerned of the whereabouts of her older sister and younger brother.  Finally, we acted out our own versions of the scene to the whole class.

RE - Understanding the key areas of a Synagogue

Today in RE, we made our own 3D models of a synagogue.  We labelled the different areas and shared our models with the class.

Science - Voltages in a circuit

Today in Science, we worked in groups to investigate the differences within voltage.  We predicted what would happen, then made a circuit with a bulb, batteries and wiring to carry out the tests.  Finally, we recorded our findings and shared our results.

English - Letters from the Lighthouse

This week in Goldfinch Class, we have started to read our new class book 'Letters from the Lighthouse'.  Firstly, the children sketched the front cover of the book.

Then after reading chapter two, the children thought about the mood and emotions from the story and used a selection of musical instruments to create a short composition piece.  The music represented the mood changes during key events from the story.


Art - Blitz Pictures

Today the children used their artistic skills to create their own Blitz artwork.  By using a water based technique they graduated the colours together to create a night time sky.  Then they cut out a city skyline silhoulette and added this to the painting to create some very effective pieces of art.

Science - Electrical Circuits

Today we had a group discussion about electrical circuits during our science lesson.  First the children drew their own circuit diagrams from their previous circuit knowledge.  We then looked at the different components; their scientific names and symbols.  We discussed the differences between a 'battery' and a 'cell' and began to label our own circuit diagrams.  


Topic - Peg Dolls

As part of our WW2 topic, this week we have studied the fashion from the 1940's. We looked at how the fashion varied to today and then discussed the different fabrics that were used to make clothes and the reasons why.  We used this knowledge to help us make clothes for the peg dolls that resembled people from the war era.


Topic - Famous Faces

During our lesson today we looked at some pictures of famous faces from the World War 2 era. After our discussion, we each chose a picture of a famous face that we would create a portrait of by using various sketching techniques.  We concentrated on creating shade by using light and dark techniques, making sure we paid attention to the facial structures.


Following on from this lesson, we then researched facts about our chosen world leaders and produced a fact file using this information to put on our class blog.  Check out our fact files on the Goldfinch Class Blog page.

English - Story Writing

This week we have been preparing to write our own story titled 'What lies beyond the ________ Door'.  The children have looked at a selection of keys, talking about the designs and sharing ideas of what type of doors they would use them for.  They have produced a mind map and made a plan for the basis of their stories.  The children then used their ideas to draw their imaginary doors and started to write the opening to their stories.

World War 2

We have started our topic for this term: World War 2. We have focused on when and where the war began and how it spread throughout Europe between the years of 1939 and 1941. Playdough wars helped us to understand the movement of the different armies. We then discussed the effect the war had on these different countries and the people involved. 

Autumn Term - World War 2!


Our Autumn Term topic is World War 2.  We will be looking at and researching the main events of the war, life during the war and the impact it has had on the world today.


History: During History we will be looking at how the war began, Wartime Britain and the impact of war on everyday life.


The Arts: We will be looking at how colour can be use different mediums and understand the history behind Wartime crafts.


Science: Our Science topics this term are Light and Electricity.  We will be looking at how we see, electrical circuits and Morse Code.


Computing: This term we will be learning about e-safety.


Music: During this term, we will be learning how to play a range of instruments as part of a class band.


French: During the year we will continue to have weekly French sessions with Madame Walsh, focusing on language to describe objects in the classroom.

This Is Us
Annual Attendance
  • F1 Cygnet Class AM 88.5%
  • F1 Cygnet Class PM 88.5%
  • F2 Flamingo Class 91.4%
  • F2 Starling Class 89.8%
  • Y1 Robin Class 91.8%
  • Y1 Wren Class 95.4%
  • Y2 Owl Class 91.5%
  • Y2 Woodpecker Class 92.8%
  • Y3 Hummingbird Class 95.8%
  • Y3 Merlin Class 96.5%
  • Y4 Peacock Class 96.3%
  • Y4 Raven Class 96.9%
  • Y5 Macaw Class 94.7%
  • Y5 Penguin Class 96.4%
  • Y6 Kestrel Class 96.1%
  • Y6 Kingfisher Class 94.2%

Safegaurding Information

Designated Safeguarding Leads

  • George Huthart
  • Rebecca Jackson
  • Lynne North
  • Sally Townsend
  • Kelly Whittington