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Annual Attendance
  • F1 Sparrow Class AM 95%
  • F1 Sparrow Class PM 95%
  • F2 Merlin Class 96.6%
  • F2 Sandpiper Class 97.13%
  • Y1 Firecrest Class 97.9%
  • Y1 Parakeet Class 96.9%
  • Y2 Peacock Class 98.5%
  • Y2 Woodpecker Class 98.6%
  • Y3 Flamingo Class 97.4%
  • Y3 Hummingbird Class 98.3%
  • Y4 Bluebird Class 98%
  • Y4 Owl Class 96.9%
  • Y5 Macaw Class 96.9%
  • Y5 Penguin Class 97.1%
  • Y6 Kingfisher Class 98.1%
  • Y6 Toucan Class 96.7%
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International Education

Click on the link below to read our International Education Policy:
Norbridge Academy have been reaccredited the International Schools Award. We believe international education should form part of our curriclum, that children should have a greater cultural understanding and be more globally aware. Take a look below at the seven international activities we have been participating in:

Language of the Month

This month, our focus language is German. Both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 have participated in assemblies to learn about the culture and diversity of Germany. Classes have been responding to the registers in German and learning key words and phrases throughout the month.


Teachers feel that exploring a language each month can, 'expose children to new and wider vocabulary in different languages' and can 'engage children with other cultures'.


One child said: 'I really like learning how to greet people in different languages and it's fun to do the register this way. My favourite language was Italian'.

In March, we secured a partnership with a private day school, for children aged 2 to 18 years, in Argentina as part of our 'Language of the Month' project. The focus language was Spanish and a year group of children were able to Skype this school and use the key phrases and vocabulary they had learned throughout the month. Children were also able to share their English knowledge with Belgrano Day School; located in the Belgrano neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. Our children learnt about the local culture and asked questions to identify the similarities and differences between their school and our's.

Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship has become a key part of our curriculum through our Venture Experts sessions. These sessions have allowed our children to take an active role in our school community and they have worked successfully together to make the world a better place. Our global citizens have raised awareness of different global charities and causes. Take a look below at some of the things they have achieved:

An Interview with a Journalist - During one of their sessions, the Global Citizens skyped a journalist from the USA (who is currently living in the Arctic) to ask her questions and gain an understanding of the impact of climate change.
Operation Christmas Child - After a visitor informed our Global Citizens about the 'shoebox appeal', our school community donated many gifts to send to less fortunate children around the world.
Switch Off Fortnight 2019 - After a power audit of our school was completed by our Global Citizens, all classes participated in 'Switch Off Fortnight' in order to save power. We made an extra effort to switch off lights and appliances that we were not using to help save our planet. Some of our children informed others about the benefits of saving power in a school assembly.
Fairtrade Afternoon - In October, Global Citizens held a 'Fairtrade' event to raise awareness of Fairtrade farmers and why Fairtrade is needed to provided a better live for themselves and their community.

Our Global Citizenship teacher feels strongly towards the teaching of this subject because she thinks that, 'children should have a secure understanding of the whole world and be informed of global issues that could affect their future'. Our Global Citizens 'enjoy working together to make the world a better place' and one child stated that they, 'felt really happy that they had made a difference to another child's life'. 

Blogging Events

Blogging is central to our school and we have used this platform to share our international learning. Classes regularly share writing on the class blogs and we often hold themed weeks and blogging challenges for both children and parents to participate in. By blogging, our children can connect with a global audience and using this technology enables us to share our learning across the world.


Some examples of our blogging events include:


Wander Around The World - This is where children completed a range of events and activities linked to their chosen country during topic time. Classes shared their learning on the class blogs and their Twitter pages. Some of the activities included arts and crafts, traditional dances, creating fact files and books and learning key words and phrases.


Mad About Mayans - Children in Year 5 were invited to attend an after-school blogging event to consolidate their learning about the Ancient Mayan Civilisation. Children created their own Mayan headresses, tasted some traditional foods and formed their own Mayan dances before sharing their performances.


On the blog, some children wrote: 'We enjoyed the Mayan dancing and the food; tasting the tortillas, chocolates and some tortilla chips. We also did some blogging and everything was amazing. We also made some Mayan headdresses'.


Chinese New Year - Children in Year 2 were invited to an after-school blogging event with their parents. They created lots of bright and colourful crafts to celebrate Chinese New Year and shared some tasty, Chinese food. Some children also wrote some poems about a Chinese dragon on the class blog:


The kind, friendly Dragon has hot flamey breath.
The Dragon is brightly coloured and likes to show off.
His horns are red and fiery and his eyes are bright and can be scary.
He has sharp, pointy teeth, but fiery eyebrows.
The Dragon likes to perform at Chinese New year.
His mane is blowing carefully in the wind as he glides along.
As he breathes fire his nostrils flare.
He has a long scaley neck and his red long tongue sticks out playfully.


Christmas Around The World - During the Autumn Term, all classes explored the traditions and values of countries from around the world at Christmas time. 

Teachers at Norbridge Academy recognise how themed blogging events can create a stimulus for high-quality writing. Teachers feel that these events, 'create the opportunity for children to connect with a global audience' and 'secure links and partnerships with the school community as parents and families are welcome to attend'.


Through pupil voice, it has been evident that children enjoy attending these events. One child who attended the Year 6 Blogathon said, 'I really enjoyed sleeping over at school and taking part in some mystery skypes with people from different time zones. The best bit was when we had to work out where they were from'.

Wado Ryu Karate

Sensei Slaney teaches all children in Year 1 to Year 6 Karate each week. Our children have developed their fitness, self-discipline, concentration and confidence through these weekly sessions. During these lessons, children have the opporutnity to learn traditional Japanese Wado Ryu techniques and are taught the different katas for their gradings. Children are awarded belts once they have successfully learnt a kata. As well as this, children develop an awareness of the Japanese language and are encouraged to respond to Sensei Slaney in Japanese. By teaching Karate, we aim for children to understand the history, traditions and the culture of the sport.

Sensei Slaney said, ' It is great to see the children grow with confidence. Their stamina for exercise and attention to detail in their techniques is rewarding to see. It is not just the katas that our children learn, but also the ways of Japanese culture'.


One child who was recently awarded their first belt said, 'It made me feel really happy to get my red belt because I had been working hard to learn my kata'.

Skype in the Classroom

Some children were also lucky enough to Skype our partner school in Hungary; a partnership formed in May 2016.


Our children said; 'We really enjoyed talking to children from a different country'. They also said, "We learnt about their country and what their school was like compared to our's'. Our teachers think that using Skype in the classroom 'allows for children to explore different countries in Europe and learn from other children'.


Tóthne Bán Gyongyi is a primary school in Balatonboglar, Hungary. This primary school is situated in a resort town, on the south shore of Lake Balaton. Children attend this school from age 6 years and their primary education last for eight years.

International Education Week 2018

For the W/C 12th November, all children at our school were located a focus country from around the world where they gained an insight and a deeper understanding of the country's culture. The classes partcicpated in a range of activities, including: arts and crafts, traditional dances and music, daily life and communication. During this week, some classes also skyped our partner school in Hungary. You can find out more about this school in our 'Skype in the Classroom' section. At the end of the week, we held a whole school assembly to showcase the learning the children had taken part in and secured.

One teacher felt that participating in International Education Week was, 'essential as children are given the opportunity to celebrate different cultures and languages, as well as share their learning on a global scale through the class blogs'. Children enjoyed participating in this week and felt that they, 'had learnt many new facts about countries and their traditions' and 'felt valued when they could share information about their home country to their friends'. 

French Residential 2018

On Monday 10th September, a group of 28 Key Stage 2 children and staff set off on their big adventure to France. They spent the week exploring the local area and sampling lots of tasty French food. Their jam-packed itinerary included: visits to the beach, a French bakery, a goat's cheese farm and a World War 1 memorial. The children had a fantastic week absorbing French language, culture and history. The children were immersed into the French language and culture and they shared their experiences on the school blog. 

Mrs Mercer said, 'The France residential enables children to be completely immersed in a different language and culture for a week. They sample French food, make conversation with French people and learn so much history first hand thanks to the carefully planned activities they access. Over the week, we see their independence and confidence soar as they gain memories that will last a lifetime'.


One Year 5 child said, 'I really enjoyed the trip, especially the market. I would go to France with school again because my sisters will be going because they will be old enough next year. It is hard to pick my favourite part. I liked when we went under the tunnels at Wellington Quarry. There was lots of different writing on the walls, it was interesting'.


A Year 3 child, who experienced his first residential said, 'I woud like to go to France again next year. My favourite part was the sweet factory. We watched how to make sweets and we got to eat them. Next time, I would like to spend longer on the beach'.

Annual Attendance
  • F1 Sparrow Class AM 95%
  • F1 Sparrow Class PM 95%
  • F2 Merlin Class 96.6%
  • F2 Sandpiper Class 97.13%
  • Y1 Firecrest Class 97.9%
  • Y1 Parakeet Class 96.9%
  • Y2 Peacock Class 98.5%
  • Y2 Woodpecker Class 98.6%
  • Y3 Flamingo Class 97.4%
  • Y3 Hummingbird Class 98.3%
  • Y4 Bluebird Class 98%
  • Y4 Owl Class 96.9%
  • Y5 Macaw Class 96.9%
  • Y5 Penguin Class 97.1%
  • Y6 Kingfisher Class 98.1%
  • Y6 Toucan Class 96.7%

Safegaurding Information

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