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Annual Attendance
  • F1 Cygnet Class AM 88.5%
  • F1 Cygnet Class PM 88.5%
  • F2 Flamingo Class 91.4%
  • F2 Starling Class 89.8%
  • Y1 Robin Class 91.8%
  • Y1 Wren Class 95.4%
  • Y2 Owl Class 91.5%
  • Y2 Woodpecker Class 92.8%
  • Y3 Hummingbird Class 95.8%
  • Y3 Merlin Class 96.5%
  • Y4 Peacock Class 96.3%
  • Y4 Raven Class 96.9%
  • Y5 Macaw Class 94.7%
  • Y5 Penguin Class 96.4%
  • Y6 Kestrel Class 96.1%
  • Y6 Kingfisher Class 94.2%
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Y1 Penguin Class

Welcome To Penguin Class

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On this page, we will be sharing the learning that we have been doing in class. We hope you will enjoy seeing what we get up to during this year. Don't forget you can also look at our school blog site to see examples of our fantastic writing and can keep up to date with our adventures using our twitter page. 



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Incredible Inventions Day

On our incredible inventions day we looked at important inventers in the past and discussed how they came up with ideas for their inventions. We then designed our own inventions and made prototypes of these. 



In computing we are starting to learn about coding. This week we learnt how to create a simple code using directions and how to debug.

Amazing Art!


This term in Art we are going to be looking at lots of different famous artists. This week we looked at some of Mark Rothko's work and had a go at recreating it. Here's some of our fabulous paintings:

Spring Term Topic: Marvellous Minds

Our Spring Term topic is ‘Marvellous Minds’. Through out this topic we will be learning about lots of important people in history including inventors, explorers and famous artists. 

Find out what we'll be learning about in each subject area...


English: Throughout the term, we will be continuing to develop our skills in story telling, descriptive writing, recount writing, instructions writing and poetry. Our focus texts will include:

  • Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers
  • Jack and the Beanstalk by Richard Walker and Niamh Sharkey
  • How to wash a wooly mammoth by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley
  • Pretty Salma (Red Riding Hood tale from Africa) by Niki Daly
  • Zim Zam Zoom by James Carter
  • Augustus and his smile by Catherine Rayner


Maths: This term, we will be looking at addition and subtraction within numbers to 20, place value up to 50 and measuring weight, height, length and volume.


Phonics: We will have daily phonics sessions where we consolidate our knowledge of the phase 5 sounds and will work on applying this knowledge in both our reading and writing.


History and Geography: In the first half term, we will be learning about a range of famous scientists, inventors and authors from the past and present. We will learn about what they discovered, wrote and invented. We will also learn about how life was different in the past and how technology has changed over time. In the second half term, we will be learning about famous journeys and explorers. We will learn about the places they explored and the adventures they went on.


Science: Animals including humans. Children will be learning about human body parts and some of their functions and our senses. In Spring 2, they will develop their knowledge of different animal groups and sort animals based on their characteristics and what they eat.


Art: In Art, children will be learning about the Art of famous artist and using different techniques and materials to recreate similar artwork.


Design and Technology: 


  • Autumn Term 1 -  Christianity - What did Jesus teach us? Children will explore stories told by Jesus and what is important to Christians.
  • Autumn Term 2 - Christianity - The Easter Story. Children will discover why Christians celebrate Easter, identify and retell parts of the Easter story an understand the meaning behind Easter traditions.


Computing: In Computing, children be be focusing on developing their skills in Computer Science. They will learn what algorithms and codes are and create their own codes on different programmes. Children will also explore how to debug and alter codes for a purpose. 


PE and Karate: Every Wednesday afternoon children will continue to have a PE and Karate lesson.


PE with Mr Scott: Rugby and Tennis.

- Understand the rules of rugby

- Develop throwing and catching skills

- Developing tactics in rugby

- Working as a team

- Developing running skills

- Developing skills with a racket

- Being able to hit a ball with control

- Understand the rules of tennis

- Developing hitting skills with a partner



Karate with Sensei Dave:

- Refining kicking and punching skills

- Learning more Karate terminology

- Working towards Karate belts


Gymnastics with Mrs Spencer (Tuesday morning):

- Developing jumping and turning skills

- Creating simple routines

- Moving safely on apparatus

- Developing rolls

- Working towards badges

- Develop balancing and gymnastics skills

- Creating routines

- Developing skills on apparatus

- Working towards badges


French: Children will continue to have French with Madame Walsh on a Thursday morning.


Venture Experts: Children will have four more weeks of their current Venture Experts groups which will finish with a showcase where parents are invited to come see what the children have been up to. Then they will choose a new Venture Experts group for the second half of the school year

The Great Fire of London

This week in history we started learning about The Great Fire of London. We discussed how we know about things that happened in the past and what sources were used to find out information about the fire. We then worked in groups to sequence the events of the fire in order.

Paddington Day


This week we had learnt all about the adventures of Paddington Bear. We read the story of Paddington and looked at where Peru and London are on a map. We then discussed how Paddington might have travelled from Peru to London. Then, we made our own Paddington faces.

Marvellous Maths


This week in maths we have been using number lines to solve subtractions. Here is some work by Layla, Albie and Ivaleigh.

London's Blogging Day


On our London's Blogging Day we began by looking at pictures of London in the past and present and discussing the changes. Then we learnt some key facts about Elizabeth Tower (including that it is called Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben is the name of the bell) and we had a competition to see who could build the tallest tower out of cubes. Our tallest tower that would stand up by itself was 39 cubes high! 


Next we watched a video of the view from the London Eye and wrote some sentences about what we could see. Finally, we learnt all about Buckingham Palace and the Queen's Guards and after watching a video of the changing of the guards, we made our own Queen's Guards. See some pictures below: 

English: Stanley's Stick


In English, we have been looking at the story Stanley's Stick. We learnt about the different imaginary uses that Stanley had for his stick. Then we thought about our own ideas for an imaginary use of a stick. We created the sticks and then created stories based on our stick ideas. See pictures of some of our sticks below:

ICT: Creating Self Portraits


In ICT, we have been learning about using apps and have tried creating our own self portraits using a drawing app. We also learnt about the importance of naming our work and about ownership of work. See some of our super self portraits below:

Blogging Challenge Winners


We have worked hard in different blogging challenges at school and home. We have enjoyed showing of our super writing and were really pleased to have some blogging challenge winners and runner ups in our class. Well done to these children on their super achievement!

World Maths Day


We celebrated World Maths Day by taking part in lots of fun maths activities. We learnt about different shapes and completed a range of shape themed activities. We also took part in number and counting activities. See pictures from World Maths Day below:

Science: Wind Socks


In Science, we have been learning about the different seasons and the weather in each season. We learnt about how and why people measure the wind. We then created our own wind socks and tested them outside. See pictures of our wind socks below:

Art: Using natural materials 


In Art, we have looked at using different materials to create artwork. We used leaves to try to create our own animal pictures. See pictures of some of our art below:

RE Day: Our Wonderful World


On Monday, we had an RE day in class themed around our wonderful world. We thought about how the world was created, we learnt about different religions beliefs about the creation of the world and learnt about how we could look after our world. See pictures from our day below:

Best Of Britain Blogging Event


We held a 'Best of Britain' blogging event after school where children had the opportunity to learn more about our topic. We learnt about the Queen and Buckingham Palace and made our own crowns. We then learnt about different landmarks in London and created pictures of these outside using chalk. Finally, we learnt about different British dancing styles and tried some of these. See pictures from the event below:

Sherwood Forest Trip


As part of our Best of Britain topic, we have been learning about our local area. As part of this learning, we have learnt about Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. We went on a visit to Sherwood Forest to help us learn more about Robin Hood. On our trip, we visited The Major Oak and explored artefacts linked to Robin Hood. We also took part in outdoor art activities. See pictures from our trip below:

Robin Hood Day


As part of our learning on our topic 'Best of Britain', we have been learning about Nottinghamshire and the legend of Robin Hood. We had a special Robin Hood day in class where we looked at the story of Robin Hood, created our own Robin Hood style hats, explored artefacts and made our own wanted posters. See pictures from our day below:

Marvellous Maths


We have been working hard in Maths learning how to use the symbols <, > and =. We have tried using these symbols with groups of objects and numbers. See some of our marvellous maths work that we have on display in our classroom:

Wonderful Writing


We have been learning all about the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We have learnt about the events in the story, described the characters and setting and tried retelling the story. See some of our wonderful writing about Little Red Riding Hood below:



We have all really enjoyed taking part in our first few gymnastics sessions in Year 1. We have been learning our basic gymnastic shapes and learning how to stretch safely. See pictures from our gymnastics sessions below:

Maths: Sorting Objects


In Maths, we have been looking at groups of objects and how they are similar and different from each other. We have then worked on sorting objects into groups based on their properties and thought about the different ways we can sort objects. See pictures of us working together to sort objects below:

Year 1 Autumn Term Dates

Autumn Term Topic: Best Of Britain

Image result for london landmarks

During this term, children will be learning all about Britain and its history, from Worksop and the local area, to our capital city of London and other areas of the UK. Find out what we’ll be learning about in each subject area below:

History: We will cover a range of historical topics related to the local area and Britain including:  The history of our local area and how places near us have changed, Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest, Nottingham castle, The Great Fire of London and Remembrance Day.

Geography: Children will learn about a range of Geography topics related to our local area and Britain including: Features of the classroom and playground from a plan view, following a route from home/to a familiar place, locating and naming the 4 countries of the UK on a map and finding and naming capital cities of the UK on a map.


  • Autumn Term 1: Seasonal Changes. Children will learn about and observe the changes across 4 seasons, describe the weather associated with the seasons and the changes in day length. They will experiment by recording the weather over time.
  • Autumn Term 2: Plants. We will learn how to identify and name a variety of common plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees. Children will also learn the basic structure of flowers and trees.

Art: In Art, children will be developing their basic skills in mixing, printing and sketching. They will also look at work from a variety of famous artists, learning from their style and techniques.

Design and Technology: This term, children will be developing their understanding and skills in food technology and nutrition, through designing, creating and evaluating their own sandwich. They will begin by learning where our food comes from and evaluating existing sandwiches.

RE: In Autumn Term 1, our RE topic will be ‘Our wonderful world’. Children will explore what makes our world special and learn about different religious creation stories. In Autumn Term 2, our RE topic will be ‘Why do we give gifts at Christmas?’ Children will discover why people give presents at this time of year and why Christmas is celebrated.


  • Autumn Term 1 – E safety. Children will be learning about how to use technology safely and responsibly, acceptable and unacceptable online behaviour and how to report concerns.
  • Autumn Term 2 – Digital Literacy. We will cover basic skills including: switching a computer on and off, logging on and off, saving work and using simple programmes.

Music: Every Monday in Autumn Term, children will have a Music lesson with Miss Booth. They will learn how to use their voices expressively, listen carefully to music and how to experiment with sounds using their bodies and instruments.

PE: On Wednesdays, children will have PE sessions with Mr Scott where they will learn a range of fundamental movement skills and games.

Gymnastics: Every Tuesday, children will have gymnastics with Mrs Spencer where they will work on developing skills and earning badges.

Karate: On Wednesdays, Sensei Dave will be teaching children Karate. In these sessions, they will learn basic Karate skills and will work to earn different coloured Karate belts.

Venture Experts: Every Tuesday afternoon, children will take part in their chosen enrichment activity, developing a new skill with another member of staff. Choices include: Singing, Life Skills, Forest Schools, French, Gymnastics and Story Club.  Children will do their chosen activity up until February and will then do a showcase showing their learning before making a choice for the second half of the year.

This Is Us
Annual Attendance
  • F1 Cygnet Class AM 88.5%
  • F1 Cygnet Class PM 88.5%
  • F2 Flamingo Class 91.4%
  • F2 Starling Class 89.8%
  • Y1 Robin Class 91.8%
  • Y1 Wren Class 95.4%
  • Y2 Owl Class 91.5%
  • Y2 Woodpecker Class 92.8%
  • Y3 Hummingbird Class 95.8%
  • Y3 Merlin Class 96.5%
  • Y4 Peacock Class 96.3%
  • Y4 Raven Class 96.9%
  • Y5 Macaw Class 94.7%
  • Y5 Penguin Class 96.4%
  • Y6 Kestrel Class 96.1%
  • Y6 Kingfisher Class 94.2%

Safegaurding Information

Designated Safeguarding Leads

  • George Huthart
  • Rebecca Jackson
  • Lynne North
  • Sally Townsend
  • Kelly Whittington